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Rotary Satellite Club Zagreb Kaptol 1094

The club was established in 2018 at the initiative of friend Davor Štern - a member of our Sponsor Club (Rotary Club Zagreb Kaptol) and a rotarian experienced in placing service to others above service to self. In our first year as a satellite club our mission was to provide urgent-need relief items for victims of gender-based violence through a short-term donation project titled From Women to Women (Žene ženama).

Meetings are held every Tuesday at 8 pm in 2, Praška Street, HR-10000 Zagreb

e-mail: 1094@rotary-kaptol.hr

Rotary Satellite Club Zagreb Kaptol 1850

After the first meetings held in May 2018 followed by the initiative of the rotarian and friend Nikola Protrka, Rotary Satellite Club Zagreb Kaptol 1850 was founded in September 2018.
The club was initially made up of 11 founder members, several of whom had previously worked in the rotarian community, and keeps gathering new members. From a young people at the beginning of their career to a profiled entrepreneur, the club represents members with the ideal synergy of youth, energy and experience that makes it special and distinctive.

Charter was held on November 2018 in the Swanky Monkey Garden during which funds were collected for equipment procurement for the swordsmanship club HAMK Mladost.

Meetings are held every Monday at 7 pm in 2, Praška Street, HR-10000 Zagreb.

e-mail: 1850@rotary-kaptol.hr

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